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Can't decide between your 2 favorite colors?  Get them both on this 2-color handle!

Two-Color Designs (Part 2)


Two for $35

  • Paracord mug handle fits most 20-40 ounce mugs and tumblers. It's also reversible!


    The handle has a snug fit and will stretch to fit your mug. In fact, it's so snug that you might need some help to put it on! But trust us, the snug fit is worth it. Once in place, this handle will NOT slip or sag.

    Those large mugs are great for everyday use, but often hard to hold and carry. This handle makes it easy to carry your mug anywhere.

    Now, how do you put on the handle? Simple:

    1. Empty your mug.
    2. Turn it upside down on a hard surface.
    3. Slide one loop of the handle onto the mug.
    4. Slide the other loop on.
    5. Adjust loops to your liking.

    Although you may have to apply some elbow grease to get it on, you will not want to take it off. It's just that good!

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